Hashimoto is an expert of a leather string, a leather lace, leather tape (leather string tape, leather lace tape), the leather processing (leather string processing, leather lace processing)


The product examples of Hashimoto ITN which knew everything about leather.
We can make it with the hope of the customer

You can entrust Hashimoto ITN to make every kind of leather items and parts. Fortunately, we have been receiving various inquiries / consultation from all over Japan. There are various type of customers who ordered after decided all carefully, such as use and specifications or the customer who just conveying us an roughly image of them, like really various. And Hashimoto ITN will meet any kind of demand from customers as hard as possible.
These products which we introduce to you in this website are part of product examples that Hashimoto ITN made up with the customers and the part of instance that we have been responded to such a customer demand that "How can we make this product better", " Can you make something like that?" with our plenty of stocks and technique.
The Hashimoto ITN will continues making things as hard as possible to be able to help all customers.

  • Men's shoes
  • Ladies' shoes
  • Men's Bag
  • Ladies' bag
  • Apparel emblem
  • Men's belt
  • Ladies' belt
  • Straps
  • Ribbon
  • Choker & Bungle
  • Apparel parts
  • Wallet
  • Industrial goods
  • Coaster & Luncheon mat
  • Interior
  • Furniture
  • Baseball glove